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Maelstrom Node Test Application

Hello, new friend!

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Wait, what is this?

This is the Maelstrom Test Application written in node.js using the passport-maelstrom package. To see the other half of the demonstration, visit the prototype network page itself.

What is Maelstrom?

Maelstrom is a new authentication network designed to put identity back in the hands of the user. For more information, visit our home page.

How can I get started with Maelstrom?

It's super easy to use! How easy? You can get started working with Maelstrom in as little as 15 minutes by forking this application on Github. This sample test application uses no complicated database software or other difficult-to-install frameworks. Get this app running on your local machine by following the simple steps in the readme file.

Add passport-maelstrom to your own applications quickly - if you have used passport.js before, you already know just about everything you need! Just add passport-maelstrom to your package.json file, or alternatively install it manually with npm install package-maelstrom

Let's show you the relevant code from this test. For more complete samples, including documentation, please view the github repository.